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The Executive Committee will define the general policy of AIPET, and provide the overall guidance and oversight of the operation and management of AIPET, subject to approval by the Assembly.

The Executive Committee will consist of:
•    the President,
•    the President-Elect (in even-numbered years) or Immediate Past President ( in odd-numbered years),
•    eight (8) other institutional members and two (2) corporate members elected from the Assembly,
•    the Secretary General, without voting rights,

The responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall include:
1.    Propose the annual fees for the different classes of membership, subject to approval by the Assembly;
2.    Adopt the budget and define the general guidelines for the annual plan of action, subject to approval by the Assembly;
3.    Approve the accounts and discharge the Secretary General and headquarters staff from liability;
4.    Decide on expulsion of a member from AIPET
5.    Carry out other activities to further the goals of the organization..

At the first meeting of the Executive Committee after completion of each year’s election, the President will nominate one (1) First Vice President and four (4) Vice Presidents from its membership. This nomination should be confirmed by the Executive Committee. However, if the Executive Committee disapproves, the President and the Executive Committee will negotiate to identify the vice president(s). The First Vice President will act as the Treasurer.

Each AIPET Vice President will have principal responsibility for leadership on the Executive Committee for one or more aspects of AIPET’s efforts and programs.

The nomination process and election process will be defined in the Rules of Order adopted by the Executive Committee. A Nominating Committee, usually chaired by the most immediate Past President, will be appointed by the Executive Committee six (6) months in advance of the Assembly of Members Meeting at which the elections are to be held.

In case of a vacancy on the Executive Committee membership, the President will appoint a replacement for the remaining term of office.

The Executive Committee will convene at least once a year at the call of the Officers, or on the request of at least four (4) of the Executive Committee members.

Meetings of the Executive Committee may be in person, by telephonic conference call, or by a combination of both. If necessary for the effective operation of the organization, e-mail or fax-based votes of the Executive Committee may be taken by majority vote of respondents between Executive Committee meetings; these votes must be confirmed at the next in-person Executive Committee meeting.

Calls for Executive Committee Meetings specifying the agenda will be communicated to the Committee members at least one month in advance.

Ad-Hoc Committees may be formed to carry out special assignments according to general principles set by the Executive Committee. Ad-Hoc Committees will be convened as determined by the Executive Committee. The chair and members of ad-hoc committees will be appointed by the President with confirmation by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

The quorum for the Executive Committee meetings is 50% of its voting members plus one (seven members).